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What products do you have?

FLYCDI is an electronic product brand that focuses on high-end mobile phone accessories. Currently, its main products are mobile phone accessories such as screen, battery, and cover plate. Please look forward to more product development

How to purchase?

We have opened a store on Alibaba International Station. You can contact customer service for consultation and purchase at the store on the official website, or call 400-1039-138 or email flycdi666@flycdi.com contact us. We will arrange a salesperson to connect with you.

​What is the minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity. You can purchase one or more based on your needs. The price varies depending on the quantity ordered. If you have any purchase requirements, please contact us.

Do you support sample service?

You can choose up to 10 products as samples, and you need to pay the corresponding fees. When you repurchase the same model in bulk, we will reduce the sample  fee according to the quantity you order.

Can I customize the product and packaging?

We can add your logo on top of retaining FLYCDI's logo, but we need the order quantity and transaction amount to reach a certain amount. If there is any purchase demand, please contact us.

Which shipping methods do you use?

We can ship according to your needs. (Sea freight, air freight, express delivery, etc).If the quantity is small, please choose air freight or express delivery.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes,our warranty period is 12 months. ( If artificial damage is not warranted)

Do you recruit agents?

If you need to place a large quantity of orders, please send your phone number, email address, WeChat, location, and other information to our email address flycdi666@flycdi.com , or contact us at 400-1039-138, and we will arrange a dedicated person to communicate with you.


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